Officially founded in Quebec City, Canada, in 2006, Légende Communication previously operated under the Interstice™ appellation since 1999, which is now being used to identify its architectonic innovation.


Work Methodology

Légende Communication is dedicated to its clients' success, always attempting to provide the best original tools so to trigger a prosperity response from the client's audience. Below are a few areas of expertise.

  • Conception
    • Corporate logo/slogan/name
    • Publicity concepts
  • Computer graphic design
  • Signage
  • Project management


Légende Communication values a collaborative approach and orchestrates multiple organizations' efforts to reach the client's goal. All along the realization process, quality control checks are carried out and the client is being informed on the project evolution.



Success Conditions

Results, of course, depend of many factors. Throughout the whole process, the main aim is to satisfy the client by getting his investment's worth. As for crops, the value of the harvest depends of a various factors:

  1. Quality of intervention: won't get great results with bad seeds. That's Légende Communication's job to come up with what it believes would be the best seed for your project.

  2. Investment: won't have a big harvest with a handful of seeds. Therefore, you should invest as much as you would want to reap. Usually, we harvest proportionally to what we have sown.

  3. Environment: great seeds being put in the wrong place? Are you sending the right message to the wrong people because it is less expensive?

  4. Timing: nobody sows in January. Waiting for the right time to proceed pays off and avoids lost of energy and resources.

  5. Faith: you may have all the best conditions for success but if you are indolent, you won't get any great results and you'll only have yourself to blame. Once sown, it is important to follow up: keeping predators at bay, watering, preventing too much sun exposure...

    It has to be clearly understood that a clever logo, a distinctive company name, a great publicity strategy or a punchy slogan aren't a guarantee for instant success, no more that a great sword can ensure victory. To think so would be yielding to childish reasoning. If someone is given the best sword in the universe, he shouldn't come complain that it doesn't win him any battle if he gets up at noon every day, never exercise and eat like a glutton. The sword or the logo, as perfect as they may be, are only tools. And no matter how advantageous they may be, you need to be fit, to exercise and to be alert in order to be efficient when involved in action. The keyword here being action. You need to work out your reflexes, your abilities and refine your moves. You must be acquainted with the required skills and get training so as to develop your full potential. To sum up, you've got to make every effort to be the best you can, nothing less. Finally, if you show some self-discipline and leadership, your project will maybe make it.

    Success = intelligence + efforts + perseverance

    If any of these three elements is missing, you can kiss your success goodbye, no matter how powerful are your promotional tools.

  6. Patience: Instant success usually goes as fast as it came. Being patient pays off on the long run. If the weather hasn't been good the first year, it doesn't mean that every upcoming year is going to be the same. Keep on believing and act accordingly.




Contracts are subject to a deposit, not refundable, at the start of any assignment. Package deal may be agreed upon prior to begin operations. Some conception projects may take less time than others since the company has already some concepts in inventory. Once the client settles for one concept, all others remain the sole property of Légende Communication and become available for sale to forthcoming clients. From the selected concept, assorted variations of it may be elaborated so to choose the best option, according to the client's taste.


Potential Client's options

Clients interested by one of Légende Communication's initiatives may choose from either one of the following two options:

  1. Purchasing the initiated concept then mandating Légende Communication to elaborate it and supervise its implementation, or...

  2. Buying the concept and entrusting a third party with its elaboration and implementation.

This second option may be valued by clients whose exposure needs are already been taken care of by another company. Therefore, the client can buy the concept from Légende Communication and entrust that company to adapt it for the client's audience.

Exceptionally, the Caleader and Interstice concepts aren't available for sale. However, it is possible to purchase the right to use them. In any case, Légende Communication upholds ownership of each of these two innovations.



Active projects

As for the moment, Légende Communication is working on many fronts, amongst them are the following four initiatives. You may access their common dedicated website by clicking on any one of them below.

First International Calendar



(architectural version of the Caleader™)



     Interstice 3903™

(French documentation available only for now)






Stressed out?

Called in to a conference room where many executives were about to make an important presentation, I was told: Could you please fix the problem quickly with this equipment, we hooked everything up and it still isn't working?

After calmly looking around, I plugged the projector cable into the electricity outlet in the wall, smiled to myself and left.


The Too expensive! game

A client once asked how much a job would cost him. After being told that it depended of the quantity he needed, he replied: That's too expensive!

Hellooo! Can't you just wait to get the price before saying that it's too high? Some people are so minded to lower the price that they even start bargaining before hearing it. I guess that if they were told that it's free, they would still attempt negotiating some favors over that.


The Competition is less expensive! game

Being informed of the price of a job he wanted, a client said: Your competitor is less expensive! After being invited to go to that competitor to get that lower price, he said: I can't, he's out of business!

Heeere youu gooo! Should we all settle for remunerated slavery and apply afterward for bankruptcy?


Until it's free?!?

Once a client asked me how much would his business cards cost him, so I answered: The more you have printed, the less they cost.

OK! He said, Print until they cost nothing.




What's the use of climbing the ladder of success if it is to realize at the top that we are leaning on the wrong wall? (unknown author)

"'Rather than cursing darkness, let's ignite a light, as small as it may be." (unknown author)





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Thanks to everyone who, by their respect, time and energy, contributed to my growth. I especially want express my gratitude to the only One who is worth serving, our loving Creator for his faithfulness, care and powerful salvation.